The participants

The 27 teams that completed the Next Stage Challenge 2021 prepartory program


3DMedWorld produces photorealistic 3D imaging educational content for the medical industry simulating medical procedures, surgeries, and operation of medical equipment.


An online marketplace that quickly and easily connects farmers with agricultural workers


Smart wearable for scoliosis treatment that can be retrofitted to any type of back-brace, solving the problem of monitoring and adjusting back-brace usage


Online booking and payment platform making it easier for anyone to find and book a sports facility and for managers of sports venues to get zero-risk bookings


Sustainability-focused wall art marketplace, offering a curated catalog of print-on-demand artworks from digital artists around the globe


AskPhoenix is a bot messaging service designed to facilitate communication between parents, students, and schools leveraging social networking messaging services.

Avocado Education  

Avocado helps people expand their knowledge and skills by helping them choose the most suitable way to learn, such as mindmaps, audiobooks, flashcards, quizzes, and more, achieving their learning goal easier and faster.


Cor-IS offers a patented method developed by AUTh researchers, to the early diagnosis of Coronary Heart Disease. A low-cost portable device, measuring electrical impedance in the area of the brachial artery, achieving higher accuracy than FMD devices without requiring a specialized operator.


CtrlEat is an online delivery service that connects people with special dietary preferences with restaurants that can cater to those preferences.


Traffic management software helping traffic authorities and highway operators to introduce intelligence, automation and vehicle connectivity into their operation


EasyBooks is a Software-as-a-Service application helping small and medium businesses manage commercial processes


Enabling heavy industries to reduce CO2 emissions using highly efficient, thermally stable, sustainable CO2-capturing sorbents made from waste eggshells


Electric cargo kick-scooters enabling sustainable urban delivery with high safety and comfort for riders, through novel engineering and design


Computer vision software helping IVF clinics to improve their performance by analyzing images of embryos and recommending those most likely to lead to pregnancy

Fleet Pass  

Automated route planning and fleet tracking without hardware for any company with a small fleet of vehicles doing frequent deliveries, pick-ups or service stops


Flirtpen is a dating app offering a visual way for users to communicate and connect through the exchange of handwritten messages.


Magnant is a solution for the automated production of digital artwork from machine learning algorithms, targeting corporate art collections.

Mama Snack  

Mama Snack is a monthly subscription box helping parents with children 1 to 14 years old provide healthy snacks to their children, selected and checked by a pediatric nutritionist.


Early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer at stages I and II, through a low-cost, fast, non-invasive diagnostic test that detects small molecules in urine samples


Identification and traceability services helping agrofood and cosmetics companies to prevent fraud and protect their brands, enabled by genetic fingerprinting

Neuro Cognitive Robotics

Neuro Cognitive Robotics develops unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) intended for agricultural work that achieve a high level of functional autonomy (SAE Level 4) through the application of AI technologies.


System enabling manufacturing robots to learn new tasks such as packing products in a production line, making traditional robot programming obsolete, through AI

Project Veltio  

Smart cooking device for the food industry, enabling standardization of high-quality cooking through patent-protected technology for process control


PrototypinGames creates and produces board games for the visually impaired, which also allow the participation of people without impairments, supporting socialization.


Online platform helping organizers and sponsors of running events to deliver top-class experiences to runners, by weaving personalization into event management


Producing insect-based protein for animal feedstock and other food supplements based on farming of mealworms (Tenebrio Molitor)


Workplaces is an online marketplace that helps those who need renovation services to find ideas and inspiration while connecting with reputable professionals.